Which one of us is gonna give in to the next great unknown? Variegated purple, blue horizon. Soul quenching, secret deep.   Instead of fighting, baring our teeth and making weapons of whatever we touch; if we imagine, if we just let our hands hang empty at our sides and realize there’s a place […]

A Smile

There is a smile, deeper than where the skin spits. A spark in the eye that belies inner jubilation. In fact, the deeper we go, the more intense the sensation of joy, permeating to the point of madness.   A smile is an open wound showing off our insides. Our hidden and most precious things, […]


I cannot give myself anymore, there’s nothing left inside. Just a ghost I was before, now I realize that I have died. I’ve lost my disguise, now I cannot hide like I did when I was the only thing you would need.   I was below and above and the answer to your dreams, yet […]

Stoner Loop

Cure – Cut – Inhaled All my mistakes flash before my eyes. From the lips, to the lungs, to the tongue – I become numb and I’ll smile for while. Pain floats away on the smoke, pride and derision a joke, laughing until I choke.   It still remains the only way to bond the […]