Of Dreams and Nightmares

  Overnight, I thought you escaped me. I awoke, lost in the in between stage of dreams and nightmares. Not sure which I’m waking up to. Alone in a mental prison, or free to take part in the miracle?   Barely found the strength to face my terrors. Open my eyes and find you absent. […]


I’m so tired of dreaming. A second life just as demanding as the first. I just want to lay my head down without having to participate.   So sick of this; whatever it is. Parallel universe, or just synapses firing wildly in the night. Sewing crazy tapestries. I never was the type who wanted any […]

In Bed Sheets

There were days when I slumber, never lifting my head. Seal up the windows, never leaving the bed. No trouble can find me, no feelings get in. Frankly, my darling; I’ve had my fill once again. For now I’ll take respite, tell the world I’m not in.   I have faded with twilight. I have […]

Night Terrors

The footsteps that wake you in the night, when you look, there is nothing there. When you finally reason away your fright and fall asleep, I will be standing there.   As you sleep, I’ll whisper in your ear, making sure that every word is clear. I make the dreams, the very ones you fear. […]

A Wake and A Dream

Just behind your eyes, in a blink sometimes, just between the scenes lies this life of mine. You can look you can seek, but I’m just out of reach. To get to me you have to have been between a wake and a dream.   If you hold out your hand, you might feel my […]

Reversal Morning

And it all came down, on that morning when the world awoke to find itself no longer kept in place. No law but truth and through truth, consequence. The sun rose and fell again, as quick as an implosion, or the blink of a god’s eye. The rain rose up and the waves went back […]


A slow shift, back and forth from consciousness.                 Drifting further on now reverse and still. Kept as is.                 The sleep is here. Away and flow                 sliding back no gravity to hold. Close the eyes,                 the motion is in sleep.   HG – 1995-2000

Dreaming Insomniac

My breathing diminishes slowing my heart, only as much as to simulate sleep. This is the rest I receive. A sort of pseudo sleep, a feigned unconsciousness. As the body lies in stasis, like purgatory.   Awaiting sleep, or rousing movement, the mind is wandering subconscious pathways. Through childhood games and avenues of angst and […]