Gripping with the fingernails. Gaining that slight purchase. Picking away at imperfections, never knew there were so many. Slide a finger in behind the thin veneer that covers vessels, watch your smiling eyes disappear; I bet you never knew this pleasure. Stripping off that wasted paint and layer upon layer of dismal compensation. You don't … Continue reading Flawless

Prison Skin

Thought you were ready to run? Thought you were ready to go? All fucked up on the answers of all that you had to know. Now that you have the keys; you've killed a jailer or two. Can you work the lock from the inside? Are you sure you want to? The world out there … Continue reading Prison Skin

Free Tune-Ups

I'm here, waiting to take you out of  your skin, work on your skeleton, fix what's been broken, align your emotions and put you together again.   All you have to do, is know it's what you need. I've seen the results of your self-surgery. You've butchered such a wonderful machine. Amateurs just shouldn't be … Continue reading Free Tune-Ups

What We Love Before Dawn

We are betrothed to our secrets. Promised completely to that which we hold closest to our hearts.   We have whispered vows in the darkness. When sleep did not find us, we spoke to our hidden hearts, deep things that never see the light.   Sometimes, in the darkness before morning, we reach out for … Continue reading What We Love Before Dawn

The Only Monster in The World

I never stayed. I always ran away and what a price you paid, from the cradle to the grave. Trust was anathema, a curse word you eschewed that left the rest of us to be abused; the ruse was all you knew.   Try as we might to change, there is always one more piece … Continue reading The Only Monster in The World

Non-Identification Syndrome (Misanthropy)

Driving a wedge, pushing me over the edge. Dry in the mind, unsatisfied that you're so blind inside. Don't have the answers and the questions are illiterate at best. Disregard impressions, be who I am be who you are; I don't give a fuck if you're impressed. I don't stress, so useless - point lost in … Continue reading Non-Identification Syndrome (Misanthropy)