The Mist Walker

Morning mist embraces these forsaken streets, giving them an air of mystery; like a veil hides undiscovered beauty.   Slipshod building facades frown narrowly on a lone passerby.   A lank and dreary fellow, making his necessary mile before the Sun burns away the clouds to reveal the day.   Dew drops cling to hat … Continue reading The Mist Walker

You’ll need an Interpreter

I want to tell you a secret. Stop. Listen to me for a second. All it will cost you is time. All you will need you have with you.   I would not divide you from your life. I would multiply your ways before you. If you take the time to step aside from all … Continue reading You’ll need an Interpreter

The Secrets of the World

I never drank so deeply of your eyes as I should have. Instead, I gazed out over the sea and waited. I never told you why. Why I stood each day through bright sun and driving rain. Through winter’s gale and soft spring breezes; gazing, ever eastward over the sea.   I was waiting for … Continue reading The Secrets of the World