The Fifth Season

Cloud bellies scudding along, dangerous, heavy with snow. Blocking the Sun, threatening more. Like retaliation, for the Summer's warmth.   Your heart, your hands, are softer, now. Long, gentle breeze blows through the town. The crows and ravens gather around; murderous, how they are found.   The geese have been seen returning up to our … Continue reading The Fifth Season


Did you ask the sky about the coming winter? The leaves on the trees seem to believe that turning early is the way to go. Even the birds know. They've made their travel plans. They're getting out of here, man; you can believe it.   How is it going to be? In that long night, … Continue reading Hoarfrost

Seasonally Affected

In another couple of weeks I'll be sick of Winter and Winter will still hang around for a while.   When Spring does come it will be a welcome change, 'cause Lord knows I can feel a change is coming.   I have built up what I hope is enough, so when the change comes, … Continue reading Seasonally Affected