That Moment of Supplication

Jesus handed me the bread and said, "This is my Body." Jesus handed me the wine and smiled, "This is my Blood" and then He passed me a new promise, said He loved us all so much.   Tempted - He denied the enemy, then He was crucified for me and suffered like no other, … Continue reading That Moment of Supplication


I'm running out, stripping away, done holding back, or holding on. Done none too much, staggered to stay and wait 'till someone comes along. It don't take me away, I'm trying to run on out. See the same thing day after day, trying to walk, feet nailed down.   Will she save me? Or can … Continue reading Emancipate

A Real Life of Waste

There is an instant when the question begs an answer and procrastination just don't make the grade. All the hours spent in harmful distraction are ever really worth the prices paid. A need unfilled provides a way into me for every harmful and angry impulse. No self-destruction, but what comforts me, is an embrace with … Continue reading A Real Life of Waste