The Crooked Man

Come to; back in the old place. Each heartbeat,  sweats and staggers, the vision; a tilted view. The story of a crooked man.   He went down to the shore to wallow in his discontentm drinking seawater to stave off the scourge of sanity. He never noticed, the figure standing idly by, watching his distemper […]

Children in Twilight

It looks like the dawn won’t come; one more race that won’t be run. That one last trip around the Sun, is done.   Now we’ll have to deal with dark. The plans we made, remade to start in now unseen, mysterious ways. We have no morning; only days.   If we exist without the […]

The Comedian

Come back Funny Man, you left us to our tears. Smile resurrector, you left us far too soon. Gone when we needed you, you’re still around, but you don’t smile anymore. The weight of the everyday tragedy beat a frown into your brow.   You were the never ending sanctuary, where we would go to […]

Sad Smile

Each dawn brings new light, new life. Insight sighs and resolutions fine. How it cleans her naked form, bed of sheets no longer warm, just food for the worms in time. Sun creeps into her eyes, she can see herself in dawn’s light; remembers dreaming of something more, not an hour before. She greets the […]

Bad Angel!

Spike the cold caffeine, overdose with really bad angels on dried up nicotine, slowly freezing moments for later recreation. Slide me another minute, Time addictions hurt the most. So does being in it, when it turns to dust and takes you with it. Think thoughts bigger than you could ever want to think to be. […]