Prince of Paupers

Some comfort, done with the tragic colors. Some safety, wish I could offer you my heart to keep you, my bravery to save, I'm not using them anyway.   Long ago, I retired to a cold place. Such perfect redemption. The smile upon your face is worth another round of days. A wish that I … Continue reading Prince of Paupers


I see your struggle. I see your single minded obsession, driving you to rise earlier, run longer, lift more, fight harder. Never mind the doubters and the sedentary time wasters, begging you to join them on the sidelines.  You are too busy; trying to make grades, make weight, make time. Their opposition is nothing, because … Continue reading Play

Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014

Contemplations on Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014 It seems I have found myself contemplating some rather timely themes and ideas. Recent events, coinciding with the Easter holiday have found me meditating on thoughts of service and to a greater extent, sacrifice. I would assume that we all think that we understand these ideas. Service … Continue reading Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014