Taking The Hill

They are dug in deep, withstanding barrage after barrage for days. The savages. We wrested them from their strongholds and chased them from their palaces, but they relent not one inch without a fight.   They shed the blood of millions with a wanton disregard. They forced our hand, by their crimes they birthed the … Continue reading Taking The Hill

If Looks Could Kill

I’m feeling dangerous today; like I should be locked in a cage. I’m a storm about to rage, a bullet, or a blade; I don’t think anyone is safe.   I’m feeling beautiful today. I think that I’ll lead the parade. Not a hair is out of place, I don’t feel overweight and I’m dressed … Continue reading If Looks Could Kill

Our Disquiet Masses

If you’re quiet, in the silence you can hear nerves snapping and synapses firing hot, then burning out; as well groomed conflict takes down hearts and minds alike. Bleeding hearts find no bandage and coagulate slowly. Most are left to just bleed out on the floor, their bodies shape a grim hedgerow along the path … Continue reading Our Disquiet Masses


Past this is more of the same thing.   Domination of the passive, aggressive and blind. All of the submissive, find their place and quietly die.   Isn't this the same shit it was? Essential problems don't just go away. Don't matter the birth or the cause; we're all living this way now.   Their … Continue reading Damages


Forces conspire - death and desire, to set you up - take you down, let you hang on barbed wire. People and politics, heathens and heretics, persuade and invade you and ply you with tricks. Want you to submit to their useless shit, convinced that it's gold, but it's you who's sold.   No reason … Continue reading Deny