Mental Midget

Time changes all ahead of it, no theory or prophecy holds without succumbing to the limit of the mind that spawned it.   Quickly correct all of our thinking it’s not compatible with what we know. Our postulations are just pseudo-truthful. Computer simulations – contrived extrapolations of a species a little too high on itself. […]

Strong Medicine

I have crossed T’s and dotted I’s For as long as I can remember. I have drank deeply of the words of lovers, fiends and prophets and taken each syllable to the head, like strong medicine sipped, draped in gazelle skins staring up at starry nights beneath the canopy of my ancestors.   Each speech, […]

A Strange Find in My Notebook

Praise be to the solid ground that catches me; though I might be dashed to pieces against the rocks that ring the sea. So it is I who praise and let not any man give praise to Thee, who rescinds all Thy gifts. Hope shall not avail to scorn, or whip, or send the wicked […]


Hold it tight to your chest, your black book of lies. I’m sure that in another world we’d all believe the same. We all know there’s a little bit of bullshit between all the faith-fucks; steal what’s most precious, twisted, defiled, pissed on. Who died and forgot to take you with them? Yeah,  oh, I […]

What it is to be Alive

Movement in my cells. Blood in my veins. Breath in my lungs, from my balls to my tongue; a feeling I cannot tame. So this is what it’s like to be alive. A biological enigma, nurturing  this stigma, ’til the motions in the muscles stop and I die.   Thoughts race through my mind. Emotions […]