Eating Sandcastles

I gave up waiting and drove away. You were never going to be “Ready”. You said the words, like someone forced you to and they came out dry, like you’d been eating sandcastles.   Something in your slate grey eyes reminded me that you were a lawyer’s daughter and that you knew well how to … Continue reading Eating Sandcastles

What Is and What Could Never Be

She's on my mind and it's a terrible thing, for it can never be. This man I am is lovesick; sick of love and misery.   Taken all this time to build a wall of such sweet apathy, to live with peace as loneliness and still she finds her way to me; through what is … Continue reading What Is and What Could Never Be


Forget we ever met. Draw the curtain down on this short time, banish it from your mind. Take the surer bet. I'm sure in hindsight's eyes you'll draw a blank an smile. No need for this immature man, as childish as anyone can - be. No memory of this will set you free. Hold on … Continue reading Forget-Me-Now