The Looking Glass

One by one, get in line. Step by step, we decline. Hour by hour, stone by stone; we all fall down, we all grow old.   Release that pitch, a stitch in time; we scratch that itch, we lose our minds. A marching band, a funeral pyre, a sad parade, the way is tired.   […]


I turn on the light and I am greeted by a thousand tiny reflections, each shining their little light back at me. I close my eyes and open them again, certain that once, I was greeted with a single, solid image, but I am crestfallen to behold only a thousand pieces of my shattered reflection. […]

Lovable Anti-Hero?

Admitting that I’ve been wrong is the easy part, it’s moving on that causes me to pause. For all my flaws show a different reflection and I don’t know the honest from the fraud.   I’ve worn many masks to hide my weakness. Said many things I knew were never true. Served appetites best suited […]

The Risks

Risk pays the biggest profits. Eventually we all pay the tab. Hate it when fate cuts us well below the chin. These are the only fortunes we have, either too much,  or not enough, drought or deluge; think we’re so tough, hide in refuge. Exposed and vulnerable when the wheel hits red, you’ve bet on […]

Man of the World

Crazy fall twisting in ’round and ’round the world caves in. Step away to see clearly what we’ve made. Setting traps, running sap. All I do is sit and wonder. Man of the world; have I seen it all? Have I known it all? If I have, then shoot me now. Man of the world; […]