The Christmas Program

The Christmas benediction was the same as last year and I’m sure I bought you all these gifts before. The lady in the store, stutters like a glitch in a machine when I ask her where she was in 2015.   I’m certain now, that this is just a cycle, repeating itself on a loop. … Continue reading The Christmas Program

The Chaos Engine

One drop of water causes ripples that will radiate out gaining energy, releasing potential, building exponentially and a tsunami erases the shoreline.   A butterfly beats its wings stirring a breeze, stirring emotion. Fall, the leaves of the trees blow into the streets, abandoned and broken. Lost, the tempests they rage, our ship is at … Continue reading The Chaos Engine

The Lie

Maybe I’ve been lying all along, but who expected me to tell the truth? Would the Father of Lies be surprised? I doubt he’d even turn a head or two.   The night is all the truth I’ve ever known. I’ve asked the sky for rain to help me grow. I have been denied, spent … Continue reading The Lie

Laughing at the Fate of the World

There are not always prayers for the pain of the loss of another one’s love, for the day is upon us and we must be patient for there’s blades in the promise that we will be safe.   Isn’t it great?   There are words that can hold the gun just as well as hands … Continue reading Laughing at the Fate of the World