Fumble Fuck

I'm a blind man, trying to feel my way around this system. I'm lost in intricate theatricals. I don't understand the symbols or their meaning, can't shake the feeling, this isn't going to end well. ¬† I tried to take apart a person, just to see how they worked on the inside, but it can … Continue reading Fumble Fuck

Generation Stupid

The sins of the father are visited upon the son and the daughter and I'm not sure it matters. I see a lot of finger pointing, chest thumping, sabre rattling, with little conviction and no real bloodlust, aside from the occasional unbalanced whack-job. ¬† I thought this was supposed to be The Revolution? Maybe instead, … Continue reading Generation Stupid

“Fuck The Doomed”

Come on, give me a another stress headache, hit me with more overtime, less pay, no promotion, sleepless nights, glaring gaps in my future planning, bills piling up faster than my income, lost friendships, hard facts and soft reasoning, sado-masochistic, ¬†bleeding heart heroes, knuckle dragging gay salesmen, burned black churches, with rich pastors, and poor … Continue reading “Fuck The Doomed”