Wretched & Reckless

I strung myself along dark precipitation streets, flecked with the feckless, the wretched, the reckless. The starry eyed denial that could not tell the difference between the rain and the tears on her cheeks.   I took the night in silence. The sound of yesterday’s rage still ringing in my ears. I was a child […]

Summer Sun Shower

Snapshots of summer days; rain falling crystalline from a cloudless sky. Children laugh and splash about in purple, polka-dot galoshes, singing songs only understood by the initiated.   The grown ups seek shelter; rolling up newspapers and rushing inside, with half hearted instructions for their kids to follow, knowing their orders will be ignored.   […]

Growing Season

Some malign mornings dressed messily in soft, wet gossamer fog hanging low, light barely seeping through layers of thick clouds. A steady drip, as fat drops hit the roof and window sill and I am reassured. I am relieved. I am inspired by it.   Years ago, these prairies were dying. Dry, drought conditions cracked […]

When They Speak

Listen to what they tell you, for they are wise in the ways of mist and cedar, learned of folding mantle crust fractures jutting skyward. Monuments to a hundred million years of labour pains.   Stop. Just stop talking. Stop cutting. Stop grinding. Stop burning and hear with a child’s mind new first lessons, for […]

A Raindrop

I am a drop of rain. I am part of the deluge. I am the flood. I am the reckoning. I am absolving. I am extinguishing. I am the tidal wave. I am the life blood.   Every part of you is me. I am in the very air you breathe. Before you were you […]


I have smiled as summer rain shone, casting the world in rainbow iridescence. Beating upon thin roofs a steady smack and rumble, in time with some sacred part of my soul. Feeding each green thing, conducting a composition in compost, home to worm and ant and beetle. Where delicate shoots break the surface to unfurl […]