ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Another ReBlog Wednesday. This time coming out with a piece called "Hot War". This piece touches on the theme of "Comfort is Death". Winter cold drives us indoors and under the covers. Hardship makes us seek the mindless entertainment of the screens. Meanwhile, there are still people out there making sure that there is food … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

How I Imagine it Will Go

My submissions were rejected with pointed inferences and a jaundiced turn of phrase. Sneering and derisive, as if I had just pulled out my dick and pissed my first stanzas across the top of that fine mahogany desk.   The idea Of frittering away more minutes in the company of stuffy balloon men and rat-faced … Continue reading How I Imagine it Will Go

“Side Effects” – Almost Complete….. But What Comes After?

I have almost finished publishing my first collection of poetry to my blog. "Side Effects" was kind of an experiment to see if I would follow through with the process and how it would be received. I feel it was a success. That feeling of success is due in no small part to all of … Continue reading “Side Effects” – Almost Complete….. But What Comes After?