A Child’s Play

I have grown tired of contradictions. Every question begs an answer that flies in the face of every other answer and all I have left is the problem I set out with in the end.   I am a child fighting off dream dragons; sword broken, searching for my shield and lost in an endless […]

Noisy People

There’s nothing left, but the anticipation, a broken heart, too much exhilaration. I lost the day to hate and veneration, delayed my plane, dismayed the congregation; there’s just one explanation.   Something in the far off sky caught my eye and I was gone for forever. Someone blew me a kiss, somehow I missed happily […]

Prison Skin

Thought you were ready to run? Thought you were ready to go? All fucked up on the answers of all that you had to know. Now that you have the keys; you’ve killed a jailer or two. Can you work the lock from the inside? Are you sure you want to? The world out there […]

Big Red Balloon

  Don’t say a thing. Don’t make a sound. Don’t even breathe. Don’t do anything. Wait just a moment, in a few seconds, you’re whole world’s going to change. I promise, things will never be the same, when I take away all that you have been. Just put your faith in me.   Give me […]

The Diagnosis

They took his proclamation of enlightenment as a sign of madness and he was treated with derision and imprisoned for his crime.   He claimed he saw the light, but they thought he was there to shine and they were all blind.   He was no problem, but a prophet always brings, followers with him […]


Suffer, but never recover. The things we are after are meaningless. All we receive is more trouble, I’ve seen it double. You’re bleeding out and I’m digging under.   Spend all your time, your money, your effort, your soul thinking that you’re in control. I can give you everything, just a chemical reaction in your […]

Maybe Automaton?

“Apply chest compressions!” “Give him oxygen!” “Live, Goddamn it!” “Pushing adrenaline!” “Can you find a pulse?” “No, I think we’re losing him.”   Was he ever alive? Or is he an automaton? Did he ever breathe? Eyes ever cry? You have to be alive to die. I’m not sure why we all have synapses snapping […]

It’s Funny When We Fall

Hasten the fall, running to the edge and over. Breaking the walls, hitting them so much more, that they come down. Overcome. Laying down. This strangled reply is the best I could find. Maybe making all this happen was a joke? I hear laughing; Oh, so close. In my bones. It must be coming out […]


Shut up for a minute and just listen. Do you hear it? It is the not-quite-silence of the world not giving a fuck.   The demons in your head don’t feed the hungry. Your discomfort cannot keep the rain from falling. All of this complaining doesn’t change your circumstances; the whole world just goes on. […]

Spiders In My Head

There are spiders in my head, spinning webs. Intricate designs, connections in my mind, they move quickly upon their many legs.   When stimulus gets in, they pounce on it and spin it up into a silk cocoon and then it is consumed.   The labours of my arachnid mind, trapping all the world inside. […]

Visually Distorted

Vision – This uncompromising stare, lays me bare – layer by layer. No cover – No other No faking it. True one and to you the ultimate. Feed off the mistakes of our loved ones. Consume – Regurgitate and hope you don’t choke on it.   Exposed – Naked as a newborn I grow – […]