Mental Health Monday – 06.20.22

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness Presence. Being. We can’t achieve anything until we learn how to exist properly. Easy, right? Sure. Are we our thoughts and our emotions?Are we our actions and their effects?Are we random protein chains and amino acids hurling through space in an ever-expanding universe we don’t comprehend?Are we children of God? Who are we? […]

Be An Early Riser

Sometimes is better than no times, but not as good as always. You will not remember that which you don’t value. Try to wake up, forcing your eyes open. Get up and be worthy of every enemy.   We forget that the touch of our hands is a deadly thing. We forget our atomic minds, […]


Go ahead, rain on my parade. Piss all over it; see if that stops me. If your knife in the back words and your piano wire garrotte eyes haven’t cut me down yet; you’re going to have to try harder, because I’m going to try harder. Every littered failure I have left in my wake […]

Breath of A Warning

It’s been amazing, a real, good time to set aside differences and talk as equals. Now, I’m not ashamed of who I am and what I’ve done, because I’ve let it go and I’ve moved on.   But when I get up to leave from our quiet reverie, you’re grabbing my arm, trying to pull […]

Sheep Dog

The night comes, deep and cold. Under the brilliant light of the full moon, the flocks in the field glow white.   They have finally quieted, after something in the night spooked them. Their bleating I fear will draw the wolves down from the high mountains. For now at least, the cold has them huddled […]