Praying To The Wrong Sky

I've known the cold. I've held the faded and the empty. I've spent a lifetime getting up off my knees, but is it the whisper of fate? Is this the crucible that tempered me?   Sometimes I'm thinking that I have had my head in the clouds; praying to the wrong sky. Sometimes I turn … Continue reading Praying To The Wrong Sky

That Moment of Supplication

Jesus handed me the bread and said, "This is my Body." Jesus handed me the wine and smiled, "This is my Blood" and then He passed me a new promise, said He loved us all so much.   Tempted - He denied the enemy, then He was crucified for me and suffered like no other, … Continue reading That Moment of Supplication

Spiritual Warfare

You know it ain't right, standing on top our your life, looking down on yourself and everyone else. Living on borrowed time and sacred promises, that all that's left is what you can eat, burn and fuck.   Ignoring all the signs that you've sold your soul, as that need to feed consumes you whole. … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare

Rain Rolls Down

She's not alright tonight, the passion's gone and she's burned out. Gave up the right to fight and she's blaming Him for how it turned out.   'Cause when the party's over and the moment's just a memory, when the sun has set, she feels so alone. She can't forgive herself, so how could He? … Continue reading Rain Rolls Down