Old World Vampires

   Tie that soft ribbon around your wrist. It will serve just as well as ball and chain. Hang that old sheepskin on the wall. Dig a hole in the sand to bury your head. Claim conscience as you commit the crime. Assign victims with their wounds and repartee. Eschew the virtues of calloused hands … Continue reading Old World Vampires

Dead Man’s Curve

  Don’t know which questions to ask. Can’t see to cede the problem. Everything turns back on its axis, revealing an unfamiliar perspective. Gain the world and lose my soul. Such is the cost of negotiation. But I never imagined that there would be so many sides to the coin. House of cards, full of … Continue reading Dead Man’s Curve


  Waking life, another violent ideation. Across the road, the prayer books are red with blood. Assault on the senses and the sanctuary no longer gets respect from within. Corruption inevitable. These hallowed halls, long abject with scorn. The principle sacrificed for the moment, then immortalized for the coming dawn. Hang the traitors. Dethrone the … Continue reading Violence

Mountain View

  I ask you if you’re paying attention. You’ve got that far off look in your eye. Your voice is barely above a whisper when you reply. “I’m just thinking about tomorrow. Because, yesterday is dead and gone. I’m just trying to find a way to find the strength to carry on. There’s so much … Continue reading Mountain View

Death and Ressurection

. Breaking away from persuasion. More a matter of Faith. Knowing I am falling in love with you over and over again. The only cycle spinning in the universe that doesn’t leave me burned out and spent. You help me stay light a little longer than I otherwise would have been. Reality is just death … Continue reading Death and Ressurection

ReBlog Wednesday – “The Oldest Joke in The World”

It's -40°C here this morning. -47°C with the wind chill. I haul myself out of bed at 04:30, shower and have coffee, all so that I can write this, before I head off to work in this nightmarish land. It's almost like being on another planet, but it pays the bills, and keeps the heat … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Oldest Joke in The World”

Sour Vintage

  Your legs wrap around me like the roots of a tree searching for water, but Honey, I’m a cold, dry earth. I’m no giver of sustenance. I’m no fertile oasis, or clean mountain spring that will feed you. I’m a rock, rich in sulphur. I’m deadfall, and sharp sand, and ashes. The only thing … Continue reading Sour Vintage

Desert Gods

  Said good-bye to the high desert gods. Came undone, wandering the wilds in search of old coyote medicine. Tempted by an autumn twilight out into the cool darkness, only to find truth was the Devil in a fire serpent. Baking in high noon. Skin turned white as ash at the touch. The smell of … Continue reading Desert Gods

A Perfect Rendering

  Rumbling in the ground and movement in the air. Blasts, like cycles of destruction and creation. Sentinels stand guard at the crucible. What is, what was, and what must still come to pass are forged within this vast, cosmic machine. Red slashed horizon under a blue night sky. Constellations fill the firmament, as the … Continue reading A Perfect Rendering

Lost Ships

  Watching you make the impossible look effortless, as if all this were an extension of your mind. An idea once thought, becomes and action. And everything happens in perfect time. So strange to have known you when you were a fuck-up, just like me. Struggling to find your feet on the sidewalk. Slipping in … Continue reading Lost Ships

ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Another ReBlog Wednesday. This time coming out with a piece called "Hot War". This piece touches on the theme of "Comfort is Death". Winter cold drives us indoors and under the covers. Hardship makes us seek the mindless entertainment of the screens. Meanwhile, there are still people out there making sure that there is food … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – 12.14.22

Mental Health Monday – 12.12.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Short on time today, so I'll just say this; this life is an adventure denied to many. If you're awake, alive, and breathing, then there is still some magic in this world left for you to discover. Life to live, friends to make, and love's great mystery to uncover. Get out there, and join … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 12.12.22

Missing Pieces

  Missing pieces of a puzzle from a box. Never noticed until the picture comes clear. Never felt in the unknown and the chaos, but when things come together, they’re not there.   Missing stars in the sky escape our eyes, until we learn the pantheon of constellations. Then we can see that the sky’s … Continue reading Missing Pieces

Weapon Selection

  Watching you, carefully selecting your weapon. No choice more important than what you are about to say or do. Will it be quick? Something that strikes with precision? Will it be brutal, like a bludgeon from behind? Will it be cataclysmic, like fire from the sky? A smile plays on your lips as you … Continue reading Weapon Selection

Loser’s Game

  Jagged is the way. The serrated edge of the smooth sailing blade. Gamble for your fortune. No lost ways. No new escapes. Trouble in the fingers. Just one touch cuts deep. Scars that need sutures. Looking like a rag doll pieced together from scraps of their derision. Welcome to the New Depression. This time … Continue reading Loser’s Game