Black Fox

   Black Fox calls me in the night. “Come and play.” But I am wound up tight in strands of bitter things. Black Fox says, “Let me chew through your memories. Then, they won’t tie you down.” But when I look, they are deep in the Earth. Roots have grown from the places I was … Continue reading Black Fox

The Host

  We are late in the hour of our arrival. The journey was not a particularly long one, but a winter storm blew in and left us without a path to follow. Picking our way through the forest. Pushing through the drifted snow. Risking injury, or misdirection, getting lost out in the wild. But we … Continue reading The Host

ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

  The Weight of Time and Place – Hokus Grey   Our past has weight. It’s heavy. Not like a rock we carry around, but dense like a star. Our past has gravity. It doesn’t just pull us backwards. It distorts our view of the present, as well as the future. We get so used … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “The Weight of Time and Place”

Mental Health Monday – 03.06.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Gonna keep it short today. It doesn't need to be complicated. Simple concepts are the easiest to remember and implement. Start the avalanche. Identify one positive thing in your life that you have been avoiding and do it. Whether it's one of the 3 pillars of Sleep, Diet, and Exercise, or not drinking, or … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 03.06.23

The Breakout

  Hands speak. Eyes question. Mouth is a void, chilling in its absence. Ears open. Mind full. Evade the frog-march, no predilection. Thinking for yourself is not a thing. Programmed from the beginning. Have to dash your head, or dose your kind, if you really want to change your mind. Hear the notes, but lag … Continue reading The Breakout

Fun House

  Finding my face turning away. Trying to get straight my angles of escape. Light shifts and time makes things clearer than before, while others fade into the distance, not the same view anymore. Spent so much time avoiding the pain of reconciliation. I started to miss forward. Caught up in my hesitation. Past and … Continue reading Fun House

Creation Myth

   Wounded by expectations. No bitter words, just long travail. Simple sets of integrated systems, soon become our complicated tale. Never wind the springs that set the clock to gears turning. Time escapes every one of us. Alive, except for time, a piano wire strung across the finish line. Work of our bodies. Tasks of … Continue reading Creation Myth

Resurrection Machine

   Reconcile your absence with your impact. Words are such fragile tokens. Paper skin that peels away in seasons. Forage for nesting birds and kindling fires. We don’t even see the impact crater’s edge as the precipice of some long-ago apocalypse. Visit the bay shore, or look down on the valley floor, but we don’t … Continue reading Resurrection Machine

Summer Songs

  Presence comes and goes. Here today, tomorrow unknown. Waiting for the day the garden grows and we’re all back at home. Fade away the scars of circumstance. You put on some music and we’ll dance. Try to forget, try to forgive, or just live in this life we’re in. Take away thoughts of doing … Continue reading Summer Songs

ReBlog Wednesday – “A Tiny Hell”

A Tiny Hell – Hokus Grey “Tiny Hell” represents some of the more introspective work I have done. I think a certain thing happens to a person when they get into their “middle age” and that is that they are able to somewhat more dispassionately reflect back on their experiences in life and begin to … Continue reading ReBlog Wednesday – “A Tiny Hell”

February March

  Got to keep the fire fed. Can’t afford a break down. Winter comes around again, breathing that frozen breath. Stop here and we will die. Final as our last words. Got to keep the fire going, otherwise, we end up dead. One way or another, I’d like to open my eyes and see summer. … Continue reading February March

Spontaneous Acceleration

  Shouting like a hard warning. A blazing sign in the sky, just before things begin to accelerate, like the action of a catapult. Potential becomes kinetic, instantaneously. No time to plan. No time to prepare. Just the blood rushing to your head, and your heart falling fast enough to make you think it’s going … Continue reading Spontaneous Acceleration

Waking From a Dream

  Waking from a dream. Sit straight up, consumed by darkness. Even in the night, the mind fights to fit the pieces. Why is it so strange to be here in this body? Moments ago, alive. All the sensation without the physical. Are we right here? Or is this another sensory simulation we will wake … Continue reading Waking From a Dream