The Color of Atmosphere

So, now this is something else, now that you’ve seen it, it is no longer just chemistry. It is more than just language. Is it art, or is it heresy?   Are you hearing my voice speaking in your head? That’s funny, you have never heard a word. So, imagine what I am feeling now, … Continue reading The Color of Atmosphere


  When I close my eyes there’s something there in the not-so-dark with me. There’s something in my mind besides me. I believe that there is a place that I have seen in dreams; extra-dimensional, but it is still me. At least, that’s how it seems.   Tell me reality is only what I see. … Continue reading Psychonautic


  Don’t speak of what is inside. Don’t give life to your fear. Inside you are caught up in a million hallways; a labyrinth of catacombs.   Reaching out would be a futile gesture, genuine though your intent may be. Reaching inside, is like sticking your hand in a bee hive, or a lion’s mouth. … Continue reading Deadlines


  Which one of us is gonna give in to the next great unknown? Variegated purple, blue horizon. Soul quenching, secret deep.   Instead of fighting, baring our teeth and making weapons of whatever we touch; if we imagine, if we just let our hands hang empty at our sides and realize there’s a place … Continue reading Buoyancy

Fiery Orange Sunset

  Some people love the rush. Others like the taste. Some say they want to know, but they won’t go, they’re too afraid. Some say they love the touch, the sound the Armageddon makes; I think they’re full of shit. I think they’re curious, but they say that they have it figured out, they have … Continue reading Fiery Orange Sunset

Lost Roads

  Moving fast, now; I don’t think there’s time to reign in the motion, or stop and correct course. If you’ve forgotten anything; well, you’ll have to learn to live without it. This is an unplanned get-away. A pack up and go, now; type of situation.   Burned too many nights at the altar of … Continue reading Lost Roads

Painted Eggs

I'm in disguise as a normal person. Not a convincing ruse, I'm too much me, it's true. Dignified, until I feel emotions, then my mask slips, just a little bit.   Never wanted to ever be one of you. Falsify the efforts, soft on the inside and hard on the outside. I don't think you're … Continue reading Painted Eggs

Road Trippin’

The wheels roll. The wheels roll and I roll with them. Road Trip Rules; no one speaks of the past miles. No one complains about the music; like the destination, it doesn't matter.   We have set our eyes on a place as far away as the sky and blasted off; flat land our launch … Continue reading Road Trippin’


It didn't really matter, did it? Nothing I did, nothing I said was going to turn the tide of your destruction. So beautiful, and yet, so volatile.   You were amazing in every way; you know that, right? From head to toe, as close akin to perfect as God ever let leave Heaven. Unapproachable, but … Continue reading Otherworldly