3 More Pieces of Me 08.19.17

Life, death, love and rebirth are the themes of this week's poems. Life is an ever evolving and changing thing that requires us to diligently tend the fires of our passions and be ready to receive the lessons life imparts. The wisdom of the universe is there for the taking, through pain and victory, loss … Continue reading 3 More Pieces of Me 08.19.17

Road Trippin’

The wheels roll. The wheels roll and I roll with them. Road Trip Rules; no one speaks of the past miles. No one complains about the music; like the destination, it doesn't matter.   We have set our eyes on a place as far away as the sky and blasted off; flat land our launch … Continue reading Road Trippin’


It didn't really matter, did it? Nothing I did, nothing I said was going to turn the tide of your destruction. So beautiful, and yet, so volatile.   You were amazing in every way; you know that, right? From head to toe, as close akin to perfect as God ever let leave Heaven. Unapproachable, but … Continue reading Otherworldly