What are doing? What are you doing, here? Just answer the question. I thought you’d be long gone by now.   Turning my safest situation into a cannonball. I am gunpowder, packed tightly and you and I are guaranteed a spark.   Isn’t it enough that we know we could just raze all this … Continue reading Irresistible

Little Death Connections

Thought was a crime. Intention was a tragedy. We walked on literal eggshells; life never to be crushed under our feet. The feeling, so visceral.   Tied to that Central Nervous System disorder, chaos into the circuit. Lightening shattered thought-web lattice. Each touch, shudder and shake. Body in spasm and gasping, exhorting The Maker. Pleading … Continue reading Little Death Connections

Substitute For Blood

There is no substitute for blood. No medium that better transfuses pain and pleasure. Sweeps oxygen to the lungs Leaves us spinning when it rushes to the brain and drains from us where we are opened up. It is the currency of civilization; the proof of purchase. The ink in which the terms of our … Continue reading Substitute For Blood