But, The Man in The Moon…

  I can only lead as far as I know how. I can only fly on the wind that blowing. I’m no alibi, I’m a knot in your throat when you try to speak those saving syllables.   I’ve been weak, weaker than you need. Stronger than you deserve, but life’s funny like that. Ask … Continue reading But, The Man in The Moon…


Pulse Black Pulse Blue Pulse The rhythm Pulse Blood Pulse The feeling Pulse Hot Pulse Be ready.   Even as the sun goes down, street lights glisten in the rain. Falling forever, falling tonight, driving our motives.   Slick with sweat, bodies wet with anticipation. Deep underground, in out chests, the reverberation.   Pulse Touch … Continue reading Pulse

Day Space

We never learned how to follow the stars. We were born in the day, afraid of the dark. Taught one way, denied the other. One point of view blind to another.   Never thought to question this infatuation with hiding in plain sight. This constant agrivation, there are no more forevers when the horizon line … Continue reading Day Space

Binary Stars

Try as I might, I couldn't pretend passion, or even feign interest. The depths of those old, slow rollers, curling in from far off places, never explaining where they were, where they had been, or where they were going.   Light like a bright star, dragged me off into some strange odyssey, away from the … Continue reading Binary Stars

The Light That Saved The World

  You blinded me with utter brilliance, with radiant light; luminous being. I missed the signs, I just stood there blinking; sun tracers in my eyes. I didn’t realize that I had been changed in an instant by seeing you resplendent.   All the world is shadow now; your light is gone and chased away … Continue reading The Light That Saved The World

True Black

I flicked off the light and blew out the candles, because I can only write to you from the dark.   Sunlight's too bright and stark filament fires burn away the meaning. Even these new compact LED's just wash out white, evaporating the words that sit in shadows.   I play in shades of grey … Continue reading True Black

Street Lights and the Light Sleeper

Laying awake, I can feel her pulse as her heart beats. I can't sleep, but I'm at peace in the rhythms we breathe just for a little while, until I'm out of bed, on my feet, seeking the night.   Pull on my coat and I take one last look back, then I am devoured … Continue reading Street Lights and the Light Sleeper

Four in the Morning

It is four in the morning and the spectre of yesterday has barely left us alone. Tomorrow is yet to come to be today, so we sit, in the dark on our own.   There are no arms of comfort to chase away fears, no covers; we've abandoned the bed. So we sit and we … Continue reading Four in the Morning

What We Love Before Dawn

We are betrothed to our secrets. Promised completely to that which we hold closest to our hearts.   We have whispered vows in the darkness. When sleep did not find us, we spoke to our hidden hearts, deep things that never see the light.   Sometimes, in the darkness before morning, we reach out for … Continue reading What We Love Before Dawn

Night Terrors

The footsteps that wake you in the night, when you look, there is nothing there. When you finally reason away your fright and fall asleep, I will be standing there.   As you sleep, I'll whisper in your ear, making sure that every word is clear. I make the dreams, the very ones you fear. … Continue reading Night Terrors

Bring it Back

These are the darkest hours, painful moments that drag on forever. The unused gift becomes the user's curse. The saddest smile on Earth. But it is addictive, this sweet negative. As the night wears on, thoughts border on suicide, all the time is mine on my side. Regretting nothing and everything, past/present/future - tortures my … Continue reading Bring it Back