Beneath Fire’s Sky

It is the burning sky; that oh, so high divide that drives us apart, sends us seeking clarity. Stars blacked out by billow freedom veil; under a smudge sun, ravens flock like murders.   Run like a hunted stag through the undergrowth. Dive from the heights of the mountains’ cornice. Never been much for concrete … Continue reading Beneath Fire’s Sky

Day of the Spiderlings

I've got that crawling feeling, that under-the-skin sensation that usually portends a change with all the accuracy of an ill wind.   It is the Day of the Spiderlings and the sky is a latticework of shimmering lifelines. Silk sails taking the little arachnids off to find their fate.   I too, feel the first … Continue reading Day of the Spiderlings

Creation in Microcosm

The time of lights, stretching languidly across the horizon. Robber of an artist’s pallet, long, slow strokes of burning embers and cold air colors frame the day to come.   Deep reds, to pink, to purple, to every orange shade and there, where it lies most potent, deep at its source; yellow, then pure white. … Continue reading Creation in Microcosm


Shhh... … I am quiet and peaceful now. I am moving, slowly like a breeze. I barely stir the leaves. the footprints of the insects are louder than me.   You hear that? No? That is me. I am owl’s silent flight. I am still, like winter night. Even starlight shines with noise into the … Continue reading Tinnitus

Summer Sun Shower

Snapshots of summer days; rain falling crystalline from a cloudless sky. Children laugh and splash about in purple, polka-dot galoshes, singing songs only understood by the initiated.   The grown ups seek shelter; rolling up newspapers and rushing inside, with half hearted instructions for their kids to follow, knowing their orders will be ignored.   … Continue reading Summer Sun Shower

When They Speak

Listen to what they tell you, for they are wise in the ways of mist and cedar, learned of folding mantle crust fractures jutting skyward. Monuments to a hundred million years of labour pains.   Stop. Just stop talking. Stop cutting. Stop grinding. Stop burning and hear with a child's mind new first lessons, for … Continue reading When They Speak

A Naked Earth

The warm west wind hastens in Spring, strips the snow off the land like an impatient lover. The Sun, it's power unfelt during Winter's long embrace, now beholds the hills and valleys of a naked Earth. Its ardor intense and welcomed. In between cool rain showers that wash away the layers of cold weariness and … Continue reading A Naked Earth

Strong Medicine

I have crossed T’s and dotted I’s For as long as I can remember. I have drank deeply of the words of lovers, fiends and prophets and taken each syllable to the head, like strong medicine sipped, draped in gazelle skins staring up at starry nights beneath the canopy of my ancestors.   Each speech, … Continue reading Strong Medicine

All The Mother

Return of the darkness to soils of being. Desecration, madness resulting. The maker of sin, now morals are gone again.                 Feelings left, now roots are wilted.                 Killed the leaves begin to fall.    Our Sun's madness            drains the life                      from our sacred ground.   HG - 1995-2000