Momma Song

When I was young, my momma told me, that I don’t have to be afraid, but she was wrong; was she ever wrong.   As I grew up, wise men told me, there’s an end to all this pain, but they were wrong; were they ever wrong.   It turns out that getting by is […]

Little Mother

Hello, can you help me to grow? Out of the grave, out of sorrow? Little Mother – Light shines always, interred inside you – like a life raise me from the earth – your heart of rebirth.   Draw me from my shroud and shadow, give me the love I’m too sick to show. Little […]

All The Mother

Return of the darkness to soils of being. Desecration, madness resulting. The maker of sin, now morals are gone again.                 Feelings left, now roots are wilted.                 Killed the leaves begin to fall.    Our Sun’s madness            drains the life                      from our sacred ground.   HG – 1995-2000