Mental Health Monday – 11.07.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The Quick Fix We all want it. That magic elixir that will undo the years of trauma, abuse, and neglect. The Happy Pill. The Miracle Weight Loss Drug. The Cure For Everything. Hair Club For Men. Some things we can fix, and some things we just have to deal with. The fact is, we … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.07.22

Mental Health Monday – 09.05.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Resilience. I see so many resilient people who just never get told they're doing well. Modern society has them fucked up. They can't see the value of their contributions through the bombardment of "Influencers" and social engineers. They become despondent, lost, and bitter when they feel their efforts have gone unnoticed, or unappreciated. Why … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 09.05.22

Mental Health Monday – 05.30.22

Patience. Timing. The cold, analytical mind, over the burning heart of passion. We know something is wrong and we want to change it. Now. Oh, we are an impatient and petulant species. Quick to anger, quick to fight, and quick to love. Quick to choose sides, and quick to abandon them. We follow our impulses, … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.30.22

Mental Health Monday – 05.23.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness There are no medals for toughness. I tell my team all the time, "No one is going to build a statue in your honor if you die at work. If you want glory in death, then be a soldier, or a police officer,  or a firefighter. No one is paying you to put your … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.23.22

Mental Health Monday – 05.16.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Purpose. We've all heard the term. What does it mean? To me it feels like one of these big, nebulous words we have in the English language, that's supposed to describe something important, but instead describes nothing at all. I think a better word might be "Why?". We don't always have some greater, overarching … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.16.22

Mental Health Monday – 05.09.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The first step - Waking up and starting the day. When we're in a low spot in our lives it feels like the whole world says "Why bother?". It's like the gravitational force of our bed is a thousand times normal. Our eyes won't open, won't focus, and we're actively seeking some reason to … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 05.09.22

Mental Health Monday 05.02.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness A Desert Bloom. In the deserts of Chile, after a rare rain, flowers can be seen sprouting from the deep cracks of the hard, parched ground. These type of events are analogous to all of our Iives. We may go a season or two without the nourishment our hearts and souls needs to flourish. … Continue reading Mental Health Monday 05.02.22

Mental Health Monday – 04.23.22

#mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmonday Let's face it - it's just too easy to deny the truth these days. Every type of distraction and gratification is available 24/7 and they are at your fingertips at any moment. Why should we worry about our mental health, when the ability to self medicate is so accessible? Why should we get … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 04.23.22

I Am an Explosion

If emotions could bleed, if sensations could breathe, my decisions would be better you'd see. I am an explosion, waiting to detonate, expression and questions, I don't think I can wait anymore.   I have been sitting for so long in a sedentary state. Detained by the limitations of the world, but this is my … Continue reading I Am an Explosion

The Hospital at Heritage Falls

The wind through the leaves sounds like distant, tiny applause and reminds me of the day you won it all. The day you left, so happily severing the past from the future and killing what was killing you. I never dared question, the act itself was so violent, so terrifying and brave. We kept in … Continue reading The Hospital at Heritage Falls


Peeking through the blinds, squinting eyes against the light, furtive glance at the outside verging on actualized paranoia. Sometimes we just want an extra layer between us and the world. Sometimes the chemical cushion does not suffice. We are too tied in to everything, that escape seems impossible and interactions are rarely offered on our … Continue reading Insulation

Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; "You mean so much to me." This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize - soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I'll confess and apologize, say … Continue reading Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Update – A Little Background

Hello, If you've been following along with our little trip down memory lane, perhaps you have noticed that things have taken a bit of a turn for the... weird? The works have become angry and dark and what I like to think of as "Savage", but a lot of it is just general insanity. There are many reasons … Continue reading Update – A Little Background

Addict of Entropy

Found the strength down south, had to drive the nail in to make a promise I could keep. Open the mind - close the mouth, speaking no words it begins; silence whining fucking sheep.   Yeah, so I got a problem... I don't see you falling all over yourself to lend a hand. Don't judge … Continue reading Addict of Entropy

Bring it Back

These are the darkest hours, painful moments that drag on forever. The unused gift becomes the user's curse. The saddest smile on Earth. But it is addictive, this sweet negative. As the night wears on, thoughts border on suicide, all the time is mine on my side. Regretting nothing and everything, past/present/future - tortures my … Continue reading Bring it Back