Mental Health Monday – 11.27.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness The hardest yard. The decision to change is not a light one. Do you truly dare to take on the world? Your fate, your circumstances, your past mistakes, your bad choices, your biology, psychology, physiology, fear, and doubt. You think you want to face down the total sum of your existence to this point … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.27.23

Mental Health Monday – 11.20.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Positive affirmations. What does it mean to you to get positive reinforcement? What motivates you? What makes you feel good when you find yourself trending down into a negative space? I have always been stubborn. I try, and I fail, but I don't generally give up. It's not always a good thing, but as … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 11.20.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.30.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness No one cares. It's a fact. Don't take it personally. All the pain and suffering you have gone through in your life. The trauma, the sacrifice, the loss; yeah, no one cares. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't sympathetic people out there who cannot and will not identify with your struggle, but the … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.30.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Dang. It's Monday again. Winter is here. Showed up like a relative you only half like, and it's gonna stick around for the next six months. Guess what? This game isn't supposed to get easier. So, with that said, what's the plan for this week? What strategies do you have ready to put in … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Doom. It's all falling down around you. Your stomach sinks. The "Fight or Flight" reaction kicks in. You feel trapped, like an animal. Panic. Fear. You know you've fucked up again. Is it over? Is this the end? No. You've felt this feeling before. You lived through it. You didn't die. In fact, you … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.02.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness What makes you smile? What simple thing about this life, this world, and this existence that you are experiencing has brought you joy? Is it love?Is it friendship?Is it God?Is it beauty?Is it nature?Is it purpose?Is it life itself? I don't think we forcus enough on what brings us joy. Joy is not happiness, … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.02.23

Mental Health Monday – 09.25.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Monday is here. Work. Kids. Family. Coworkers. The commute. Bills. School. Relationships. Debt. Anxiety. Appointments. Yeah. It's  all there. Sure, you had a precious 2 days off to recoup from the week before, but how many of us utilized every second of that 48 hours to make our lives better? How many of us … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 09.25.23

Mental Health Monday – 09.18.23

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness You should be embarrassed.You should be uncomfortable.You should be painfully aware of all of your inadequacies and shortcomings, and they should torment you when you see them. They should make you angry.They should make you want to be better.They should make you want to work harder to be the person that you are … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 09.18.23

Mental Health Monday – 09.04.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness It's become more and more apparent to me that isolation and segregation are detrimental to my health. When I silo in on my own for too long, I end up lazy, depressed, terminally online, irritable, and boring. It used to be that I could spend days in isolation with only a good book, but … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 09.04.23

Mental Health Monday – 08.28.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Imagine never doubting yourself. Imagine always making the right decisions. Imagine having the knowledge, discipline, compassion, and strength, to learn, lead, and love, and lift up others. Imagine approaching every situation in life with both the quiet confidence of the adept and the wide-eyed wonder of a child. Imagine yourself in any situation, then … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 08.28.23

Mental Health Monday – 08.14.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness@killcliff Quick thought for today: How do you solve the riddle that is you?How can you get the best out of yourself?How do you change your behavior? Do you humiliate yourself? Beat yourself down? Starve yourself until you comply?I've tried these, and they don't work. They're not sustainable. Or, do you treat yourself with love. … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 08.14.23

Mental Health Monday – 08.07.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Why try?Why continue to suffer?Why bother getting better? The nihilistic have won. We crave no new frontiers. We languish in our techno-bubbles, comfortably fed by the machine of corporate governance we voted for with our dollars, and our eyes, and our hearts. Our communities are fragmented and sequestered from one another by concrete thoroughfares … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 08.07.23

Mental Health Monday – 07.31.23

#mentalhealthmonday #mentalhealthawareness Feeling trapped?Locked down?Oppressed?Institutionalized? Yeah. Mondays can be like that. We can feel incarcerated by our jobs, our relationships, our finances, our obligations. Even the deep dreamers amongst us have to occasionally come up for air, and when we do, we encounter the nets laid out for us. I guess there is one true … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 07.31.23

Mental Health Monday – 07.24.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Resilience.Adaptation.Choice. We're all going to face hardship. Shit, it's Monday. How many of us could have used another day, or two, or twelve before heading back to work? Here's a question;of you were challenged, right now, to win a fight, run a few miles, lift your own body weight, come up with $1000, plan … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 07.24.23

Mental Health Monday – 07.10.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Late post today, but it's there. Life is crazy. Choices come at us at lightning speed, and it takes the concentration of an F-1 driver to navigate the path head of us. We face lane changes and forks in the road. Traffic. Speed up? Slow down? Fellow travelers helpfully ssuggestwhich course we should take. … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 07.10.23

Mental Health Monday – 07.03.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Stories are powerful. The stories we tell about others can change how we perceive them or how they are perceived by the world. The same goes for us. The stories we tell about ourselves shape how the world treats us. We craft the narrative by which we navigate the world. Whether consciously or unconsciously, … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 07.03.23

Mental Health Monday – 06.26.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Progress.Setbacks.Victory.Defeat.Wins.Losses.Hope.Fear. It's never going to be just one thing. We're going to face the good days and the bad ones. One of my favorite Bible verses is Matthew 6:34, which says, "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.26.23

Mental Health Monday – 06.19.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness I'm not particularly "good" at anything. I have never dedicated my life to any particular field of study enough to become  truly knowledgeable at it. In fact, I dropped out of college after my second year, as I didn't find it valuable at the time. In my professional life, I have some small measure … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.19.23

Mental Health Monday – 06.12.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Those who are fortunate enough to get older are faced with many choices. Do we let go of who we were in our youth to become who we might be in the latter half of our lives? Do we deny the ticking of the clock, the changing of the seasons, and the ache in … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.12.23

Mental Health Monday – 06.05.23

#MentalHeathMonday #mentalhealthawareness Motivation isn't real. At least, it's not real in the sense that we think it is. Motivation is not the thing that's going to get you up in the morning so that you can get something accomplished. Motivation isn't going to go to the gym and do the burpees for you. Motivation isn't … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.05.23