Live Coals

Long buried embers still smoulder, here in this frozen night. Owing to the fortitude of the construction and the labours spent therein.   Didn’t think they’d still be burning, even after all these years, but it seems that I build bonds to burn a lifetime. It goes to show what I invest.   Never think […]

I Won’t Tell You Again

I know I told you once a long, long time ago; leave me be, let me sleep, trouble my dreams no more. Don’t make this any harder now, then you made it then.   I’m lingering in a dead zone. Why do I hear your voice again? I’m a little bit wiser now, at least […]

A Perfect Silhouette

So sudden and so clear, like an angel’s light, the sight that met my eyes. You were leaving in the morning after the rain came down. There was sun behind your exit. You stood seconds in the door and you cut a perfect silhouette, burned into my heart from that moment forward.   Your hair, […]

Planting Echoes

Echoes. Resonating voices, that linger on in memory. Some words we only hear long after they are spoken.   The hurt, sometimes stays on the heart, like the aching of a phantom limb. Time never promised to heal all wounds, someone else did that.   It’s not as if this is the first time that […]

Attempting to Fashion a Memory Using Bad Software

Clicking little boxes, cutting little notches, filling little niches, watching little watches. Minutes ticking by, quiet as I’m cautious. Remember why you’re here, try not feeling nauseous. Kick a window open, room is full of broken. Pretty little thing, smiles as she’s smoking. Pretending we were there, is how we got here in the first […]