I don’t think that chaos ever ends, but there are moments between tragedies and clamour.   In the eye of the storm, the pause in the fight, the early dawn, before the devil seeks his breakfast.   In this moment, I can hear the birds; only when the rain doesn’t fall and I can sit […]

Grey Matter Cell

Today I will let my mind sit in its grey matter cell and pine for better days that never were. Today I will alleviate the strain of expectation from my shoulders and just exist. I will let the storm outside be the mirror to my mind and in my head I’ll be safe and warm, […]


A slow shift, back and forth from consciousness.                 Drifting further on now reverse and still. Kept as is.                 The sleep is here. Away and flow                 sliding back no gravity to hold. Close the eyes,                 the motion is in sleep.   HG – 1995-2000