What could have been is not, but it is what could have been. The thought, an exercise in futility as faces fade and situations change.   Once out of the grey fog of life and its mysterious motive, there came a long, calling word. It might have been a name, and that name might have […]


I don’t remember how it felt to touch you. I don’t remember my hands on your skin. Casting my mind back seems ineffective, I just end up here; alone again.   There’s no knowledge of your face, or ministrations. There’s no sense of the smell of your hair. My mind has lost some critical detail; […]

Redundant Life

Dropped out – Ground down So proud – Now loud unbound. I’ve come – Gone long – Singles suffer. Now one from none and no other.   Building bridges just to burn, afraid you’ll have to wait your turn, because it takes time to fuck it up right.   Holy and heathen – feeding the […]


So now the time has run you down, like a drunk driver, suicide bomber; weak and waiting, suffer longer. Drawn out poison, placed and bought, this rebel angel; outlaw – uncaught.   Here lies your sense of right and wrong. Plague cured – pilfered for a song. Drag demons out for my benefit. Malevolent, but […]

Dead is The Memory of My Lover

Cold and unfeeling – dead eyes showing not, touch like corpse skin – love becomes rot. Given out all my life, trust and good faith; golden rule – must be nice, seen the lies behind your face.   Will you want for more? How do you hang on? Drawing out a crippling pain and share […]

“I Remember…”

Let me love you like I once did, before the world drove us apart. For we are now but tattered fragments, straining to dispel this winding darkness. I feel that together we might rise to save each other. Now that I am humbled, I will supplicate to the greater wisdom opening my mind.   HG […]

The Price of Sustenance

Silence. I can hear the silence. It beats upon my skull like a torrential rain. Voices. I can’t hear the voices. The lips move constantly with nothing left to say. There are no ideas left, we harvested them all. The knowledge tree is rotten, it’s about to fall. The belly full, the mind a finely […]


Itinerant walls converge in corners, confining the eye to civilized angles. It’s nothing to be obtuse about, that is the way we progress. Even our curves are sculpted by scalpels; ripped, shaped and reformed, into something other than human. Other than us. Just not good enough. God’s perfect creation, was merely a good place to […]


I would ressurrect a happier time if I could, but I cannot. I would tell you “Everything’s gonna be alright.” if I could promise it. The hazards that come with the flood, I’m managing not to scrape my feet on the ceiling. If I could take your place and all your pain, I would, but […]


Can I see the horizon from here? How far is it to the ocean? I’m not sure which way is home, just know I have to get moving. There’s commotion in their perfect little boxes, like future caskets waiting to fulfill their purpose; mandibles wet with anticipation. So I set out, in a direction somewhere […]