Mental Health Monday – 06.05.22

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Just a little bit.Sometimes that's all it takes.Sometimes that's all we have.Is it enough?Well, it's going to have to be. We're not robots and we're not machines. Heck, I'm not sure we even know what we are, but our ability produce, and to interact, and to create has limits. I'm sure we have all … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 06.05.22

Calling for Help

I thought I heard you cry. Your voice echoed in the distance. I thought you were in pain. I thought you needed rescue, and my brain was so insistent. I got up from my place, sallow black and deep in comfort. Blinking through narcotic haze, turning down my television that I might hear you cry … Continue reading Calling for Help

Euphoria of The Melancholic

Those who do not fight make a mockery of victory. Those who conceal their true nature stalk amongst the flock to take the young. Beholding such bright crimson, the dull commuter seeks a truant guard. A vain dissuader, where from the truest form of vengeance comes.   Found in vast halls with the chanting multiples, … Continue reading Euphoria of The Melancholic


Snap together, quick connect, jacked in and hitched up. To every wave, and waver. Not on the precipice, not on the edge, but shake; at first trembling, then building to violent convulsions, as you attempt to contain the raw energy of which you are now a conduit. Then something breaks; and there’s silence. Or maybe … Continue reading 10.20.19

In Atrophy

This is grinding me down and away. Tiny little pieces, falling through the cracks and disappearing. Once, I was whole. A Human being; now I’m becoming.   This is burning me, eating me away, consuming all my limbs and extra little pieces. I am ashes, now. One good breeze and I’ll be blown away. I … Continue reading In Atrophy


She tells me through tears that it's gonna be okay. It's all coming down, where does she find the strength? I'm over here losing my goddamned mind. She's over there taking it all in stride.   I guess, she was the right one. I guess, I'll never know it, now. Couldn't leave well enough alone. … Continue reading Stay


We once fought for these green, rolling hills that wind their way, idly to the shore. Where the waves break, and all of our fears with them.   We spilled blood upon this treasured ground. Fired our guns, bared our swords and charged. Many men would shed all that they were to save another inch … Continue reading Heritage