Binary Stars

Try as I might, I couldn't pretend passion, or even feign interest. The depths of those old, slow rollers, curling in from far off places, never explaining where they were, where they had been, or where they were going.   Light like a bright star, dragged me off into some strange odyssey, away from the … Continue reading Binary Stars

Cold Blooded

I have never been more exposed and vulnerable. Standing here arms open wide, ready to accept you decision. I appeal to what I hope is your kind and merciful nature, but I'm not surprised when you draw your knife.   No amount of persuasion would ever be enough to disarm you. I begin creating distance; … Continue reading Cold Blooded

The Light That Saved The World

  You blinded me with utter brilliance, with radiant light; luminous being. I missed the signs, I just stood there blinking; sun tracers in my eyes. I didn’t realize that I had been changed in an instant by seeing you resplendent.   All the world is shadow now; your light is gone and chased away … Continue reading The Light That Saved The World

True Black

I flicked off the light and blew out the candles, because I can only write to you from the dark.   Sunlight's too bright and stark filament fires burn away the meaning. Even these new compact LED's just wash out white, evaporating the words that sit in shadows.   I play in shades of grey … Continue reading True Black

A Light at the End

There is something in the far off distance, coming closer, day by day. Is this, I wonder, an angel who is coming to share the universe’s embrace? But as I look around I see I am facing down a tunnel at the inbound train… … here we go again…   This beginning’s just the end. … Continue reading A Light at the End

Harbingers of The Angels

Red and blue. Red and blue lights. Red and blue light flashing, screaming, tearing through the quiet night. A terrible and beautiful display.   They light up the street and the stars seem to shrink away, as if giving space for the first responders to work.   On a path that takes me nowhere near … Continue reading Harbingers of The Angels