Kicking Rocks

  We kick rocks down a long, straight gravel road that leads nowhere. A strange, “in-between” place that won’t show up on anybody’s map. We’ve walked about a mile, just talking about nothing. Flies buzz around us, and the ditches on either side of the road blossom with huge swarms of mosquitos. Every so often, … Continue reading Kicking Rocks

A Child is Born

It is to us a funny thing; Divinity. A more abstract notion we have not entertained. That there would be, like us, but something more. A far beyond, but not unreachable.   Perhaps a comfort lost to walls and bonds, for loneliness no longer drives the heart. For fear and subjugation are now become abstract … Continue reading A Child is Born

Saving The World and Me First

Knowing what is right and doing what is right; I don’t think the two ideas could be more different.   Sure, I know you’re drowning, but saving you is another matter altogether.   It requires me being involved. It requires me being accountable for the outcome. It requires me to relinquish my seat as the … Continue reading Saving The World and Me First

“The Malcontent” Collection – Concluded

Well folks, I think that wraps up "The Malcontent" collection. Spoiler Alert! - I survived!   As you can see, if you have followed to the final piece, it was a return to faith in the spiritual that led me out of the dark place that I was in. This is of course, very common … Continue reading “The Malcontent” Collection – Concluded

That Moment of Supplication

Jesus handed me the bread and said, "This is my Body." Jesus handed me the wine and smiled, "This is my Blood" and then He passed me a new promise, said He loved us all so much.   Tempted - He denied the enemy, then He was crucified for me and suffered like no other, … Continue reading That Moment of Supplication

Spiritual Warfare

You know it ain't right, standing on top our your life, looking down on yourself and everyone else. Living on borrowed time and sacred promises, that all that's left is what you can eat, burn and fuck.   Ignoring all the signs that you've sold your soul, as that need to feed consumes you whole. … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare

The Last Dawn

Conciousness claims another victim, as the dawn's light glints golden off the faces of ancient oppressors. We used to see in black and white until all division was abolished under the ressurrection of what never died. What never was. But will be. We used to feed on fruits of pain and toil. Flesh worked steel, … Continue reading The Last Dawn

Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014

Contemplations on Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014 It seems I have found myself contemplating some rather timely themes and ideas. Recent events, coinciding with the Easter holiday have found me meditating on thoughts of service and to a greater extent, sacrifice. I would assume that we all think that we understand these ideas. Service … Continue reading Contemplations On Service and Sacrifice – Easter 2014