A great commotion, passionate and often violent; the way things go around here almost every time. And it's no big surprise to see the apathy inside so many that I see and even in my own life.   There might as well be not tomorrow, if I can't find a way through today. There's so … Continue reading Smiley

Split Lips

I'm screaming through split lips, blood running down my face.   Thank you anyway - I've done it all to myself. Can't blame this pain on anyone else. So far removed this view is blinding, shows just how far inside I've been hiding.   This bliss is so insidious, a fine line crossed - not … Continue reading Split Lips

The Thinnest Thread

I was just a boy when the stapled their tag to my forehead, had to play along to their songs; hanging by the thinnest thread.   So now I'm grown up, a little, but in mind a lot more bitter. I've shed logos and slogans, traded up my life for litter. Dropped out and acid, … Continue reading The Thinnest Thread