Don't show yourself to the world; it's not there for you. It lies and says it loves you, but it's a killer. Don't reveal yourself to strangers, you're too vulnerable. You need protecting, I hope you never know.   Conceal yourself smartly inside a fortress. Stay where you're strong, don't go into the wild. If … Continue reading Prudence

Don’t Kill Yourself

You smile so wide, so bright; don't let the present take you away tonight; keep fighting. Oh, please God; please keep fighting.   Let it never be too much. Let it never go too far. There's something precious here; let it never be enough. Don't let the sunlight fade in your eyes today. Don't step … Continue reading Don’t Kill Yourself

Fuck Memory Lane

Fuck Memory Lane, that once shining path; seeded now with derelict, abandoned touchstones.   Never-Were's and Never-Was's.   Like cutting a vein and just getting dust. Harrowing the objector.   I'm not sure my life ever made sense. I was birthed and borne as a man, but lived on poison like a reject. Fed fear … Continue reading Fuck Memory Lane

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given … Continue reading The Break Up