Don’t show yourself to the world; it’s not there for you. It lies and says it loves you, but it’s a killer. Don’t reveal yourself to strangers, you’re too vulnerable. You need protecting, I hope you never know.   Conceal yourself smartly inside a fortress. Stay where you’re strong, don’t go into the wild. If […]

Don’t Kill Yourself

You smile so wide, so bright; don’t let the present take you away tonight; keep fighting. Oh, please God; please keep fighting.   Let it never be too much. Let it never go too far. There’s something precious here; let it never be enough. Don’t let the sunlight fade in your eyes today. Don’t step […]

Wake-Up Call

Wake me when the waters rise. Shake the slumber from my eyes, with a coastal cracking tremor run through me like confirmation of everything I’ve ever known; all my past, all my unknown. Wake me when the whole Earth groans and I will watch it all go down with you.   Wish I could apologise […]

Fuck Memory Lane

Fuck Memory Lane, that once shining path; seeded now with derelict, abandoned touchstones.   Never-Were’s and Never-Was’s.   Like cutting a vein and just getting dust. Harrowing the objector.   I’m not sure my life ever made sense. I was birthed and borne as a man, but lived on poison like a reject. Fed fear […]


There were so many little reasons; you were never one for bold and epic gestures. Just a tedious whittling away at my very soul. A harrower of guilt, a worrier of exposed bone; it’s a wonder no one put you away a long time ago.   It was 09:17 in the morning and the sunlight […]

The Break Up

I waded through my faded expectations, gave enough to make a single word escape the lips so savoured in amazement, abated with each syllable unheard.   I was wrong to think that I could change you.   Fettered by exemptions I was promised by a new and unfamiliar paramour. Clinging to my manic introspections, given […]

Momma Song

When I was young, my momma told me, that I don’t have to be afraid, but she was wrong; was she ever wrong.   As I grew up, wise men told me, there’s an end to all this pain, but they were wrong; were they ever wrong.   It turns out that getting by is […]


If I touch you, can I heal you? If I reach you, will you hear? If I speak with words of comfort, will it take away your fear? If I lay down on your death bed, hold your hand just for a while, will you rise up to walk with me, or pass on with […]

Full Circle

Smell of your perfume, curve of your hips, touch of your skin, taste of your lips. Each little memory adds to the hole, leaves me so empty beyond my control. This is nothing new, I’ve felt this before. In the throes of frustration I’ve beat at your door. Hold no candle to you, darken my […]