Spiders In My Head

There are spiders in my head, spinning webs. Intricate designs, connections in my mind, they move quickly upon their many legs.   When stimulus gets in, they pounce on it and spin it up into a silk cocoon and then it is consumed.   The labours of my arachnid mind, trapping all the world inside. […]

Ex Mortis

You were a perfect picture; a creature of sublime composition. You were thin, supple gossamer skin, sculpted with skilled hands. Oh, someone knew what they were doing when they made you. Inset with eyes like small oceans, deep and green and terrible, shades of kindness brushed in generously and a smile that truly meant joy; […]

The Horror

The Horror   Mentality like mass murder, I think it’s over – you take it further. Another day brings hate and danger, cope with it as best I can. War is the only solution, can’t abide by such confusion, bringing death and dissolution; massacre your only plan.   We live with the pain inflicted every […]

The Nothing

Seeming to drag on,  but it don’t stop. No influence one way or another. Anxiety and ambition smothered, all the way from the top. In these uncertain moments, these dark and deadly days, any movement could be disaster; this is when doing nothing pays. No need to worry, or even feel sorry. The Nothing’s so […]

The Vampyre (Lord Byron)

  But thou, false Infidel! shalt writhe Beneath avenging Monkir’s scythe; And from its torment ‘scape alone To wander round lost Eblis’ throne;   And fire unquench’d, unquenchable, Around, within, thy heart shall dwell; Nor ear can hear nor tongue can tell The tortures of that inward hell!   But first, on Earth as Vampire […]

Love is a Surreptitious Thing …. (no, really!)

You can’t see me, hiding there. You see right through my body, too. Ethereal though my gaze might be, I still see you and what you do. It’s what you feel that feeds my needs, from shadowed alcoves I perceive. You’re empty, too oh, so alone, so in your heart I’ll make my home. Though […]

The Monolith

I scratched out a design in frozen ground how I envisioned the machine might work. In fleeting moments I considered bound to empirical laws the bright expound while looking down from learned, lofty perch. So simple though it seemed to me to be, then growing greater in pugnacious detail. The icy etching spawned complexity; that […]