Summer Out West

Days drift on long summer shadows, morning kisses, simple whispers of a million leaves’ secrets.   Clear sky, powder blue, swept wisps of tangled clouds over the tops of mountain walls, secure in their veneration.   Straight trunked sentinel forest gave way to long, lush prairie on one side and impossibly high cliffs on the […]

Our Peace Country Home

The season is changing again and I’m tired of this town, but I’m stuck to you and I’m alright with that.   Not much changes, up here, under the immeasurable sky. The coyotes sing and the Aurora Borealis dances,  a shimmering, gossamer scarf across the sky.   It’s no secret that I miss the mountains […]

Hope and A Desperate Embrace

I slide the shutters open to let in the morning sun. These old shutters have rusted, so they want to stay shut, but with a little bit of gentle coercion and no small amount of cursing, they relent, and sunlight slices into the room.   This old house, has not know the presence of a […]

The Travelling Tree

There is darkness and there is light, and I am here in the shadows of this place, in this time, I find myself. I am whole and I am broken. I am saved and I am lost. Together and apart from all things I have been. I am somewhere in between what I was and […]

The Last Mile

Maybe that’s the answer she’s been searching for her whole life. Since her daddy left her, she’s been feeling lost and hard to find at the same time.   She’s been around the world trying to move one, but always been afraid. Every waking dawn reminds her of his face. The fact that she’s alone […]


I have memories of a light blue sky, patched with high clouds, above rocky mountains that has shed their caps of white, winter snow and now sat in hues of deep greys, blues and an assortment of greens below the tree line.   I remember those mountains in my bones. That solid, immovable foundation once […]


I’ve been finding comfort in the unseen. All that it asks of me is that I believe. A single wreck disabled all the night. Swept right off the table of my life.   Don’t got no problem, no-no-no more, singing with grace in my heart I poured, out. Putting despair away, not fair today.   […]