Morning Acid Rain

  I woke up breathing. A dream divided in my mind along straight lines, and I surmised that it was time to be alive. No place to hide. No time to cry.   I raised a fist to resist the tide. It washed me away, made clean my mind. I suffered to return to the […]

Inside Mask

  That mask you wear inside to cover up your fear of being who you really are.   The consequence defaced. Swimming around the brim of your inner monologue. About to overflow, and spill out monsters.   It seems that way, for your are disconnected. Unplugged from who you are for so long.   Nursing […]

A Secure Connection

  Awake, and I spend the day untying myself from you and every little thing you hooked me to.   Attachment, used to be a means to our survival, now it’s nowhere near the aid that it once was; now it’s poison. . Concentrate, and try to unwind the wires and the tendrils that wind […]

Blank Canvas

  I thought I had a place to begin, a precipice that I might leap from to begin my story. Instead, I’m stuck here on the ground, looking up, and the land around me is flat for hundreds of miles.   Featureless, and bereft of vaults. No valley, hill, or cave to explore. Just me […]

The Expansion


Prayer for a Smile

  . She moves slower than she used to, and she can’t work as hard as she has her whole life. Maybe she gets tired just a little faster, and maybe she ends her day with a little wine.   . Time goes on, and she just keeps on going. Day to day, an hour […]

Breaking the Earth

  Put my feet on the ground and put my hand to the plow. I’ll be working here until the sun goes down. All our lives we have lived drawn from the dirt we’re in. All the hope we’ve grown came from the sweat on our skin.   The ground thaws in the spring; plow […]

From a Coma

  Watching you, but not questioning, only seeing, hoping, pleading with my eyes that yours will open.   You’ve been down so long, I was just a boy, and if you woke up now, there would be a man before you.   Struggle up from your slumber and hear the rumble. The Earth complains, and […]

The Doorman

  Born of the light of a faraway star. Swaddled and comforted in a mother’s arms. Kindness came and went as time moved forward. Fate is a fickle thing, one moment, we are who we are, then next, we’re someone else; a vessel discarded in the yard.   New model, new ideas get rewarded. Can’t […]



The Directive


Ask Me Now


Night Time Town


Perceiving Motion


Warrior’s Fall

  Frost takes the leaves of the cherry trees and the warrior is dead. A winter wind blows from the east and carries off my friend. In my heart an ember burns that through the winter lives. That we might keep alive to weep for sins we can’t forgive. The harvest time, the hunt is […]



A Tiny Hell