Their Secret Lives

We drew back the curtains on old stained photographs, lingering long and languid like a Southern sunset. It was a prairie color, Turn-Of-The-Century Red that dripped down like kindled crimson over the eyes and minds of the antecedent generations.   They said that they were never the kind for pomp and circumstance, but boy, when … Continue reading Their Secret Lives

A Trail West

It is rough hewn and vague of form, but it will serve.   The words are primitive, but genuine and honest.   The act is brutal and violent, but we are still alive and we will be so; inelegant and wild.   New horizons dawned with every sunrise. Strange peoples welcomed us to their lands. … Continue reading A Trail West

The Ruins

We pushed South, running like mad. Slave labor pools running the land; like insect colonies, burrowing in the Earth.   Red rain fell from a blue sky, in a land rich with gold, cocaine and mistrust. It was a white man's problem that was visited on the rest of the world; like the misplaced anger … Continue reading The Ruins

Civil War

Gasping for air. Straining to catch our breath. Fighting down a raging sea of emotions. Seeking calm, in the midst of chaos, without the futility of trying to understand it; merely trying to keep a grip on humanity.   Beat back that which crawls out of that savage pit of souls. Prison for the murderous … Continue reading Civil War


I have memories of a light blue sky, patched with high clouds, above rocky mountains that has shed their caps of white, winter snow and now sat in hues of deep greys, blues and an assortment of greens below the tree line.   I remember those mountains in my bones. That solid, immovable foundation once … Continue reading Foundations

A Comment on “The Weaklings” & “The Joy of Separation”

These two pieces represent a turning point and what I feel is "the climax" of "The Malcontent". A point of revelation and loss of inhibition and restraint. No longer tied to relationships, addiction, expectation and past traumas, finding freedom to move on. I think these pieces depict a change in mindset, where I was finally able to distance myself … Continue reading A Comment on “The Weaklings” & “The Joy of Separation”