The Perfect Winter Night

Light travels differently at -40°. Cleaner, clearer, exposed in stark relief, standing with no comfort. Everything extraneous is obvious. The wasted and the derelict freeze quickly and are gone. The wounded and the sorrowful find shelter and the streets are bare.   Every sound is unlwelcome, except for the song sung by the failing. All … Continue reading The Perfect Winter Night

Heart Speaks

Heart speaks plain words that mind complicates and tongue stumbles over and hands shake and eyes well and Heart speaks in whispers.   Ears hear that all songs cry freedom.   Words fail shoulders slump feet shuffle to the beat.   Heart speaks strong for a while then slowly weaker with the days.   Eyes … Continue reading Heart Speaks

Again I Go Away

It seems that I might never find another way, than this cold dark life that I myself designed and when she looks, I turn and walk the other way; forsaking all I love, but she don't mind.   It might never make a difference to you, but it does to me. I've walked away from … Continue reading Again I Go Away