Café Rédemption

There were never many times where I got it right; just a few short moments and the words always seem to fail on my tongue, or on my fingertips.   Today, I sit in a squalid, messy café, crumbling sugar into my tea and sweating out another prayer to a silent and irreconcilable God.   […]

One Dichotomy

I am borne of love and hardship. Of battle scars and tender hearts and fiery passions, stoked by confrontation.   I am a creature of conflict, at peace within my soul; for I know the worst this world can bring me, is Death; my oldest friend.   I am built upon defeats and my bones […]

Little Mother

Hello, can you help me to grow? Out of the grave, out of sorrow? Little Mother – Light shines always, interred inside you – like a life raise me from the earth – your heart of rebirth.   Draw me from my shroud and shadow, give me the love I’m too sick to show. Little […]

Visually Distorted

Vision – This uncompromising stare, lays me bare – layer by layer. No cover – No other No faking it. True one and to you the ultimate. Feed off the mistakes of our loved ones. Consume – Regurgitate and hope you don’t choke on it.   Exposed – Naked as a newborn I grow – […]


Come on and go past the sweet beyond, this is what you have been waiting for for so long.   Cradle to the whole received, dead is what was once believed and a new one rises from the ash. Belligerent – Ignorant take what you can, or can’t to make a place for it.   […]


Honed like a straight razor on a stone, I’m forged in the fire of life alone. Reborn. From the chemical comfort of this womb I’m torn.   Thrust into life – cold as black ice, just as big a hazard as I can devise. All the shit I’ve had to deal with, don’t matter how […]