Stay Woke

  Malignant. Every way I can look at this, shows me more of your tolerance; your ability to navigate in this world.   I am increasingly doubtful of your grasp of this reality. You’ve given up control to some other entity. Bereft of sense, sleepy eyed and drifting to the left again.   Wake up. … Continue reading Stay Woke

Sweeping Ashes

It doesn’t always have to be the way we picture it, what we expect. It just changes our minds and the world keeps right on spinning.   There are gardens of things that defy imagination, kept in comfort from you and your wild mind. For even in conceiving of them, you would change then, you … Continue reading Sweeping Ashes

The Work and the Words

What is it? What is it now? What do you want from me, this time around?   I gave to you freely. You begged me for succor, now you’re taking what I never offered.   You were a brilliant apprentice. I taught you everything you needed to know; before you turned and everything changed the … Continue reading The Work and the Words

Visually Distorted

Vision - This uncompromising stare, lays me bare - layer by layer. No cover - No other No faking it. True one and to you the ultimate. Feed off the mistakes of our loved ones. Consume - Regurgitate and hope you don't choke on it.   Exposed - Naked as a newborn I grow - … Continue reading Visually Distorted

Bitter Water Healin’

The past - never lasts. The cure - is so unsure. I've broken every cast, spiked the mix and still it's pure.   Unadulterated - Chronic masturbated I know, I probably should have waited, can't remain this aggravated - and surviving on nothing's just part of disbelief. Holding close to closing, press the button for … Continue reading Bitter Water Healin’


We wait on each other to make a move, fearful fence sitters, we rarely approve of our choices; restrain our voices. Urging telepathy - afraid to speak, lest we give up our souls to anybody just as weak as us, so often disastrous.   Let it be what it is. Be all I am. Unjudging, … Continue reading Chrysalis

Obscure Permanent Vacation

Drawn into the life at a young age with no boundary of a family to keep one's feet on the ground. Harnessing energy at this stage, to erase my enemy and take back my mind from the clouds.   There is no soul here, hopeless, without fear. I can see the way clear of these … Continue reading Obscure Permanent Vacation


This kind of life differs from any other, lifts me higher - drags me under, breaks me down, but I still wonder; what the point is - why we're here. One moment it's so obvious, with love and light in all of us. So simple - then so complicated, out lovers, now the hated.   … Continue reading Dissolver

The Thinnest Thread

I was just a boy when the stapled their tag to my forehead, had to play along to their songs; hanging by the thinnest thread.   So now I'm grown up, a little, but in mind a lot more bitter. I've shed logos and slogans, traded up my life for litter. Dropped out and acid, … Continue reading The Thinnest Thread

Invitation To A Fight

Approaching the expression with no regard for caution slave away for somethin' I don't even need.   Calling on you to find me in my brilliant night, for I have been blinded by delight - and never missed them.   Hope is like a long forgotten, misbegotten, woman that I kissed, then twisted out of … Continue reading Invitation To A Fight

Mausoleum Sanctuary

I've created a cemetery in the midst of this garden that is my life. A place of death where thoughts and dreams come to their final rest. Sometimes I watch the sun rise over the headstones; oh, and there are many. Each a place where I have buried deep under the crosses failures and losses. … Continue reading Mausoleum Sanctuary