Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Dang. It's Monday again. Winter is here. Showed up like a relative you only half like, and it's gonna stick around for the next six months. Guess what? This game isn't supposed to get easier. So, with that said, what's the plan for this week? What strategies do you have ready to put in … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.23.23

Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

#mentalhealthmonday#mentalhealthawareness Doom. It's all falling down around you. Your stomach sinks. The "Fight or Flight" reaction kicks in. You feel trapped, like an animal. Panic. Fear. You know you've fucked up again. Is it over? Is this the end? No. You've felt this feeling before. You lived through it. You didn't die. In fact, you … Continue reading Mental Health Monday – 10.16.23

Kicking Rocks

  We kick rocks down a long, straight gravel road that leads nowhere. A strange, “in-between” place that won’t show up on anybody’s map. We’ve walked about a mile, just talking about nothing. Flies buzz around us, and the ditches on either side of the road blossom with huge swarms of mosquitos. Every so often, … Continue reading Kicking Rocks

A Child is Born

It is to us a funny thing; Divinity. A more abstract notion we have not entertained. That there would be, like us, but something more. A far beyond, but not unreachable.   Perhaps a comfort lost to walls and bonds, for loneliness no longer drives the heart. For fear and subjugation are now become abstract … Continue reading A Child is Born

Kill the King

See, we all gathered around to hear the news today, to see if the song still remained as it had for ten thousand yesterdays, but there were murmurs in the backcourt, dissention on the line and I knew that these men were no longer my brothers; some, I couldn't recognise.   Greed and envy take … Continue reading Kill the King

Birthday Wishes

Infinite, like your imagination, or is it the end, just outside your eyes? Does it matter, this planned division? Is it the truth? Aren't we immaculate?   Tidal waves are consequences, sure as a flash bulb steals your soul and irreverence; that sarcastic discord, bought only seconds that seemed like forever.   Even the returning … Continue reading Birthday Wishes

What Purpose?

I have been playing dead out of fear that the behemoth of time and duty will take me.   I have been feigning death, in hopes that the monster of my life will simply pass me by.   A childish man, hiding under the proverbial covers, safe only from imaginary boogeymen, but not from life. … Continue reading What Purpose?

My Inglorious Fate

Time, like water, only runs down and runs out. Might as well say I'll stay thirsty and late. I've avoided the law of the man, of the gods, now I'm left here sitting at the gate.   Rode the storm and boy, it was a long one. Wandered the desert and paid with lovers and … Continue reading My Inglorious Fate

Early Morning Visitation

I heard your voice this morning and it had been more than a long time. I didn't call on you like I said I would, I was too ashamed.   You knew that I had broken all my promises and had let my lust linger in those old, dark places. I had begun to view … Continue reading Early Morning Visitation

Untitled – 07/22/16

I have lifted my eyes to You, to see what You are and know what You have done. I have seen You in the sky, but that is not Your dwelling place. I have seen You in the dust, but that is only a trace of Your presence. I have known You not in acts, … Continue reading Untitled – 07/22/16

(The Hunger For) Absolution

Open your bottled up confessions, let them breathe a little while. Come bearing your unanswered questions, I've got the answers and a smile. I'll hear your sins and your transgressions, I'll soothe your hurt and dry your tears, but don't you think for one more minute that you're safe, or in the clear.   You've … Continue reading (The Hunger For) Absolution

Love The Fight

Who do you love? What do you crave? Is your fantasy worth fighting for? Are your dreams worth being saved? Will you rise up and take them back from grave? What price would you pay?   Rising before the sun, we lead the march to war. Like the angels proclaim The One, we believe in … Continue reading Love The Fight

A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

Some know me as "Consequence", others as "Justice" and to some, I am "Judgement". I have, at times, been wrathful and to the spiritual, my intervention is "Divine".   I exist on both sides of every war, I walk between battlefields, like you walk through aisles at the market. The carnage of righteous indignation, or … Continue reading A Lighthearted Chat With an Angel

The Philosophical Machine

If I keep picking at these loose threads, will I unravel the world? I keep thinking, "What good's a writer, if he doesn't capture the words?"   Pulling at the worn fringes of reality, of sanity; it all threatens to come apart on its own, so why try saving anything? Can I pull the universe … Continue reading The Philosophical Machine

Footsteps Like The Wind

What does it matter? Just let it all go. Fight the good fight, but don’t let it follow you home. Come in from the night, the cold and the dark; you’ve taken feeling discomfort and to being an art.   Whatever; just do whatever you want. We’ll be here when it all falls apart. Cleaning … Continue reading Footsteps Like The Wind

Saving The World and Me First

Knowing what is right and doing what is right; I don’t think the two ideas could be more different.   Sure, I know you’re drowning, but saving you is another matter altogether.   It requires me being involved. It requires me being accountable for the outcome. It requires me to relinquish my seat as the … Continue reading Saving The World and Me First