The Shit Disturber

She really asks a lot of really stupid questions. Like that time when she wanted to know why big media companies are often chaired by the same people who are on the boards of big arms companies.   I mean, who asks that?   Or that other time, when she asked why big environmental groups […]


Seeing just a little more, since morning, now I realize, or think that I at least have opened my eyes. Letting go of all I’ve known, time to see how much I’ve grown; to the edge and beyond, the right and the wrong.   Here lies true beauty, in this wide eyed girl, in awe […]

Miss-Information (so fucking stupid)

Little Miss, have you met disinformation? My little lie, as I tell you; “You mean so much to me.” This middle man is paid to bend the truth, such as you see.   Patronize – soft eyes and smiles. Tender words to pierce your fragile heart. Once you catch on, I’ll confess and apologize, say […]