You're irreplaceable. Even with all your faults, you are still immaculate. A singular creature, existing in defiance of the snakes at the base of the world, the confusion and the chaos.   You are still untarnished by the fire, unvanquished by deceit, illicit in your words and strong in your nature.   I admit … Continue reading One-of-a-Kind

Sucker Fish

  There are ways to see what you are hiding inside. Tricks of the trade, you might say, to see what you hide. Exposing every secret, highlighting every flaw, can’t separate the skin, from what's beneath too far. A mask of smile and comfort belies a rictus grin, inside you’re laughing at them, until you’re … Continue reading Sucker Fish

Breath of A Warning

It's been amazing, a real, good time to set aside differences and talk as equals. Now, I'm not ashamed of who I am and what I've done, because I've let it go and I've moved on.   But when I get up to leave from our quiet reverie, you're grabbing my arm, trying to pull … Continue reading Breath of A Warning

True Black

I flicked off the light and blew out the candles, because I can only write to you from the dark.   Sunlight's too bright and stark filament fires burn away the meaning. Even these new compact LED's just wash out white, evaporating the words that sit in shadows.   I play in shades of grey … Continue reading True Black