The Dark

Every night I lit a candle, warding off the dark. I wondered what was going on, in the blackness standing stark. One night I let the candle die and the dark encompassed all; I was greeted by the Lord of Night he was fearsome, dark and tall. I asked him a question, of what was […]

The Thing About Nightmares…

Sometimes, I realize that I am attempting to recreate a nightmare that you once woke me from, and I am both relieved and terrified at the same time. That’s the problem with the way dreams fade away; and leave us vulnerable, unprepared for their return. We never really know just how deeply they have wormed […]

Vapid Outrage

In times of tumultuous circumstances, one ought to be interesting; there are no merits for bland words and banal verbatim, even less for click-share sentiments that weep with the sincerity of a chopped onion. Our striped bar avatars, smooth, plastic faces displace our discourse with a buoyant sense of relevance. Self serving and ineffectual , […]