More Than Conquerors

It's gonna drag you to the gallows on  a cold night in November. It's gonna raise the knife above you, chase you  down with dogs and guns. It's gonna step on your throat, laughing, it's gonna hear your strangled cry; fear will kill you, sure as the morning light.  The Grinning Reaper.   Never fought … Continue reading More Than Conquerors

Cold Blooded

I have never been more exposed and vulnerable. Standing here arms open wide, ready to accept you decision. I appeal to what I hope is your kind and merciful nature, but I'm not surprised when you draw your knife.   No amount of persuasion would ever be enough to disarm you. I begin creating distance; … Continue reading Cold Blooded

Lost Roads

  Moving fast, now; I don’t think there’s time to reign in the motion, or stop and correct course. If you’ve forgotten anything; well, you’ll have to learn to live without it. This is an unplanned get-away. A pack up and go, now; type of situation.   Burned too many nights at the altar of … Continue reading Lost Roads

The Fear Diary

A little bit of trepidation is natural, after all death is an ever-present fellow and consequence hangs around here, also. I hope you didn't think the ride was free?   The future is fraught with danger and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't afraid. In fact, I have been terrified for … Continue reading The Fear Diary

Match Man

One stick, then another taken away from the Match Man. Piling up his pyre, one and only fire is his destination. There's no hope, no desire. They won't burn him as he stands; take him down to build the flames higher. The tangled effigy of the Match Man.   Could have lit the flame, could … Continue reading Match Man

Everyone’s Afraid

No one knows the way to the other side, but they say they know the place and the time that makes the pain go away. If it's safe, they'll tell you that they don't really know. Everyone's afraid the same.   Hope is a gift left reserved for the dislocated. Time is the door and … Continue reading Everyone’s Afraid

How I Imagine it Will Go

My submissions were rejected with pointed inferences and a jaundiced turn of phrase. Sneering and derisive, as if I had just pulled out my dick and pissed my first stanzas across the top of that fine mahogany desk.   The idea Of frittering away more minutes in the company of stuffy balloon men and rat-faced … Continue reading How I Imagine it Will Go

Working Backwards

I am reverse engineering this life. I know what I want, I'm just trying to get there. Piece by piece, I fit in, with the illusion of purposeful action. Just stick to the scripture and I will be fine.   Only the best of intentions pave that shiny road and down we go. Constant over … Continue reading Working Backwards

Four in the Morning

It is four in the morning and the spectre of yesterday has barely left us alone. Tomorrow is yet to come to be today, so we sit, in the dark on our own.   There are no arms of comfort to chase away fears, no covers; we've abandoned the bed. So we sit and we … Continue reading Four in the Morning

A Beautiful Cage

You won’t admit that you have closed your eyes, when the world outside showed that it didn’t care and you got scared. Learned you had been believing in a lie, but you’re too brave to hide, so you built a grand design. Painted with the world you want to see on the inside and now … Continue reading A Beautiful Cage

Pt 1 – The Harrower of Souls

I have walked among darkening shadows, down windswept lanes resplendent in their late autumn fare. With night falling quickly, the bare trees that line the path reach out with spindle fingers, to quicken my step and hasten me on. Even though I profess a scientific mind, for no sum would I dare stop, in the … Continue reading Pt 1 – The Harrower of Souls

The Will of The Storm

On the horizon, the storm gathers and waits for some poor soul to wander far from home. Then it rolls in, slow and silent, between us and the Sun and cools our skin with winds from high up.   Rumbles come, low and breaking. Lit by light snapping, cracking the sky and blistering the air … Continue reading The Will of The Storm

Ignoring Gravity

If we could just ignore gravity, we could fly. If we could find the will, there's so much we could set aside. Hate and pain, imaginary finish lines; that we think protect, but they just confine.   I'm standing here at the edge of humanity's ascent, hanging my toes off of the edge. Wondering about … Continue reading Ignoring Gravity

Fear Mongering Messiah

How do you feel as it slowly takes hold? Growing in intensity - fear is normal, as we're sliding down away from solid ground. Reacting to atrocity, conditioned by authority to be - bewildered by apathy.   Does it fade, or merely wither? Does it taint your perfect picture? Fear reacts to make us either … Continue reading Fear Mongering Messiah

Visually Distorted

Vision - This uncompromising stare, lays me bare - layer by layer. No cover - No other No faking it. True one and to you the ultimate. Feed off the mistakes of our loved ones. Consume - Regurgitate and hope you don't choke on it.   Exposed - Naked as a newborn I grow - … Continue reading Visually Distorted

Theory of Negativity

Consumption to the point of compulsion, rejection a foregone conclusion. This state of paradox, tried to put it in a box and failed miserably. This lack of fulfillment, the dark sun that nourishes me. Desiccated faith no longer, persuaded to death in anger, when tried for a life of blasphemy.   Direct - The Theory … Continue reading Theory of Negativity