“Remember This, My Son”

Sudden impacts and slow, incremental increases in pressure often have the same outcome. Shattered. Smashed. Pulverized to dust. Fractured. Wasted. Never again whole.   There's an insidious edge that we all must creep along. Thin, like early winter ice traversed at our peril. We deny ourselves, for we equate loneliness with bravery. We turn aside … Continue reading “Remember This, My Son”

The Last Mile

Maybe that's the answer she's been searching for her whole life. Since her daddy left her, she's been feeling lost and hard to find at the same time.   She's been around the world trying to move one, but always been afraid. Every waking dawn reminds her of his face. The fact that she's alone … Continue reading The Last Mile

Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone

Come out from admidst your beautiful menagerie and walk with me between vast spaces and I shall show you all of creation. Hear me, and put adside a child's vision be no more of one world, but of all worlds; for you were never made to be a fixture. You, of feminine skin grew with … Continue reading Her Father Called Her Name and She Was Gone